38 YEARS with O'Gara | Started as a welder

O'Gara leads the industry because we make the best armored vehicles on the market.  I've travelled the Middle East extensively as an FSR, and after all these years of seeing other manufacturer's vehicles in the field, I just don't think there's any comparison to ours.  The reason for that is our superior craftsmen who've been here for a long time, guys like me.  We've taught the young people and graduates coming out of trade schools what we learned from the craftsmen who were here when I started in my twenties.

I tell people when I retire from this business, I want to make sure it's in as good of shape as when I started.  I'm supposed to retire in six years, but if by that point I haven't made the impression I need to and the company isn't where it needs to be, then I'll know it's not time just yet.