Of strategy, adaptation, excellence, and attention to detail.
For more than 140 years, O’Gara Armoring has been the world’s most trusted producer of comprehensive armoring solutions. At our manufacturing headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, experts design, test, fabricate and produce vehicles and armored products of the highest caliber.

Begin manufacturing coaches in Cincinnati, Ohio under Sayers & Scovill

O'Gara Armoring traces its legacy of quality and innovation back to Sayers & Scovill, a leading coach manufacturer of the late 1800s and early 1900s.  The S&S Coach Company still exists today as a major producer of Hearses and limousines. 

Emil E. Hess and Charles A. Eisenhardt join S&S team

Emil Hess & Charles Eisenhardt joined S&S as office helpers, brewing coffee and mailing letters.  By 1906, the pair had risen to leadership roles within the company, which their descendants bought in 1942.

Begin producing presidential armored vehicles, starting with Harry S. Truman

Hess & Eisenhardt built trailers for the military during WWII and then shifted to the armored car industry when they developed and installed the armor on President Truman's 1950 Lincoln Cosmo.

Produce Ronald Reagan's Presidential limo

President Truman's limo started a long series of armored cars produced for prestigious customers, including Elvis, the King of Saudi Arabia, and Queen Elizabeth II.  The O'Gara Brothers bought Hess &  Eisenhardt in 1982 and won the contract to armor President Reagan's Cadillac Fleetwood.

Developed up-armored HMMWV for the U.S. Department of Defense

Combat operations in Somalia highlighted the need for increased protection for the Army's HMMWV.  In response, the DOD ordered the production of the first armored variant--the M1114.  O'Gara-Hess & Eisenhardt designed, manufactured, and installed the armor on more the 20,000 M1114s. 

Become the #1 provider of armor for the military's tactical wheeled vehicles at the beginning of the War on Terror

Armor Holdings bought O'Gara-Hess & Eisenhardt in 2001, before 9/11, but that tragic event shifted the company's focus to the military market as the need for armor catapulted.  Armor Holdings became the sole provider of up-armored HMMWVs, specifically the M1151.

Open glass plant at Cincinnati manufacturing headquarters

With the steady production of up-armored HMMWVs, Armor Holdings' O'Gara-Hess & Eisenhardt grew rapidly.  The increased profits funded the construction and opening of the company's first glass plant.

Develop & produce survivability solution for the Caiman MRAP cab

By the end of 2005, HMMWV production reached its peak of 700 vehicles per month.  The company's performance with the HMMWV won it more high-profile contracts, including up-armor kits for both the FMTV and M1915, and the development of the armored cab for the Caiman MRAP.

CAV produces record annual quantity of 470 vehicles using a single shift

BAE Systems purchased Armor Holdings in 2007 and expanded the Cincinnati plant by adding an updated manufacturing building and new transparent armor facility.  Additionally, BAE increased the emphasis on the production of commercial armor vehicles (CAV), which reached a record annual quantity of 470 vehicles in 2009.

Become the world’s largest supplier of armoring systems

By 2010, the military and CAV production lines combined to make BAE Systems in Cincinnati the leading provider of armored vehicles in the world.  The company's offerings had expanded into turrets, heavy engineering equipment, and numerous vehicle models, including the Chevy Suburban, Toyota Hilux, and Toyota Land Cruiser.

Partners with BMW for sale of armor-ready X5 in U.S. market

The O'Gara Group reacquired BAE's Commercial Armored Division in 2013 and restored O'Gara-Hess & Eisenhardt.  The organization quickly sealed the unification  by partnering with BMW to become the sole-source provider of the armor-ready X5, which have filled major contract with the Department of State.

Poised for sustained growth through partnerships with miltary and CAV OEMs

For over 140 years, O'Gara's standards of quality and innovation have never wavered.  They have only deepened with time, becoming values that guide every employee, from the engineer designing CAD models in an office, to the craftsman welding armor on the floor.  Those values embodied by those people are the reason this company has endured.  They are the reason O'Gara Armoring produces the best armor solutions in the world.

O’Gara Armoring is the proud manufacturer of every U.S. President’s limousine from Harry S. Truman to Ronald Reagan.