O’Gara currently has on-site capabilities to laser cut, form & weld armor plate. This involves the use of laser cutters, shears, friction saws, and drilling for cutting and hydraulic presses and 3 roll formers for forming armor. Welding is primarily accomplished manually utilizing Miller equipment.  We have a Motoman welding robot that is used on various programs and has the capacity to be used on others. We maintain a limited machine shop to build various fixtures and make repairs to fabricating equipment as required.  There is enough capacity in our facility to run two lines simultaneously.

  • Capacity to cut, bend and weld 500 parts in a single shift.
  • ISO 9001:2015 validated procedures and planning to support processing of materials.
  • Creates value to customers due to decreased cost and lead times through continuous improvement of manufacturing processes.
  • All of our welders are AWS D1.1 Certified.

Materials used on a daily basis

  • Carbon Steels from 22 ga (0.0299”) to ½” thickness
  • Armor steels from 1/8”-1” thickness (MIL-DTL-12560, MIL-DTL-46100, MIL-DTL-32332, MIL-DTL-46099)
  • Aluminum components up to ¼” thickness

Laser Stats

  • We utilize laser cutting over other forms of thermal cutting (oxy-acetylene or plasma) because it gives us the accuracy we demand while maintaining exceptional cutting speed.
  • We have the ability to cut ¼” armor steel at 250 inches per minute while achieving part accuracy to 0.003”

Forming Stats

  • Our hydraulic presses can form armor steel plates ½” thick and 16’ wide.
  • O’Gara technicians have experience bending ultra-high-hard steel up to 30 degrees during production.

Welding Stats

  • O’Gara’s high rate production lines use GMAW for all welding.
  • All welding processes are qualified to one of the following: AWS D1.1, AWS D1.2, AWS D1.3, AWS D17.1, or MIL-STD-3040 (formerly TACOM GCVWC-Steel).
  • We also have GTAW machines for low rate and highly delicate welding operations.
O’Gara Armoring is the proud manufacturer of every U.S. President’s limousine from Harry S. Truman to Ronald Reagan.